Friday, August 10, 2012

Sun Shiny Day

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I found myself traipsing through a field of sunflowers this morning.  Darn near over my head, close rows, and most past their prime didn't lend well to any super shots.

I guess I'm in a pp kindof mood.  Nothing wrong with the sooc shot below, I just felt like seeing what else I could do with it.  I used the Picasa pencil sketch filter and then darkened the shadows and did the HDRish filter too to bring out some details.  I used the Tint feature to turn the print green.  In PSE7, I then quick selected the sunflowers and bee (3 layers total) and altered the colors.  There was quite a bit of work with the clone took and eraser to get some of the flower petal tips just right.  Lastly, I used Picasa to add a green colored dark vignette.

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Joey reading with Princess Kitty.  I am amazed at just how much she likes to cuddle!

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