Sunday, August 5, 2012

Guardian Angel Apex

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I went to the Guardian Angel website a few weeks ago to grab the url for another blog post and noticed that they had a new store in Apex.  Of course I wanted to go check it out sooner rather than later, and today the boys and I had some extra time and made the trek over there.  I have been a GA shopper since the boys were babies, and I often tell folks that GA is my favorite store in town (Fuquay-Varina).  I guess I was expecting the Apex store to be just like the Fuquay store, but it was totally different and I must add well worth checking out.

The Apex store is set up in an old house.  There are items on the front porch as well and throughout the rooms of the house.  I found the items to be charming, nostalgic, and even quaint.  The natural lighting from the windows mixed in with the fireplaces and built in bookshelves are the perfect setting for displaying various home goods including chairs, lamps, mirrors, framed prints, etc.

The cozy display below greets you as you come in the front door.

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I found a few pieces of Corelle dinnerware that I purchased on the shelves in this room.

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Joey and I really liked the peacock wall tapestry in this room.

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But it was the metal sun hanging in this room that I bought.  Trying to decide where to hang it at home, but I sure do like it!


As you can see, the rooms are very well arranged with various items.  Instead of all the plates or candles being in one spot, the items are spread out nicely from room to room.  You can see why I was so motivated to take a few pics.  The layout is fantastic!

I'll mention that there are not a lot of clothes at this location although there is a selection of new men's shirts.

Thrift store shopping allows you to reduce your carbon footprint by reusing items that might otherwise end up in a landfill and also by buying products that don't come with any packaging.  Plus with Guardian Angel you get the extra bonus of contributing to the fight against Alzheimer's.

I hope these pics have peaked your interest and if you're local that you'll go visit.  I'm sure you'll find something to delight you!


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Guardian Angel said...

Thanks Maryann for the awesome blog you wrote about us. We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us and until then...Happy Thrifting!!!