Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Butterfly Color Explosion

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I said yesterday that I wanted to try a texture on one of my butterfly shots, and this is what I came up with for better or worse.  I used a picture of rust that I took a while back for the texture.  Don't ask me why I picked that texture, I just did.  I also used the technique of isolating the butterfly in it's own layer and blurring the original layer to place more focus on the butterfly instead of the branches and flowers in the background.  If you look at the file names of all the variations I tried (August Gallery) you'll see that I tinkered a lot to adjust the colors using both Picasa and PSE7.  The rust layer is on top as a Difference layer with the isolated butterfly and then the blurred out original layer.  Using the Difference option on the rust filter is what really bumped up the color the most.  I also placed a yellow vignette on the blurred background layer which brought the red or purple tones into the background more.  Then it was a matter of using a combination of Picasa Boost and Lucky and PSE7 Color Variations to fine tune it to my liking.  I don't think this style would mix in at all with unedited butterfly shots, but maybe they have a place in some other setting. Or for some other purpose.

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