Thursday, August 9, 2012

Birth of a Butterfly

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I started out wanting to do a graduated color background with a spotlight of sun coming in from the upper left corner.  That wasn't working so well for me, so I ended up using this omni color direction background that comes with PSE7 and putting a lens flare in the center with a vignette on the outside.  Instead of diagonal across the screen, it's increasing size from the center.  All I've got for today.  A good lesson for me in patience and preserverence.  If I had to do it again, I could do it much faster, but the first time around, it took a while.  Getting the antenna on the butterfly isolated from the original background was the only really difficult part.  Lots of mistake and redo for about 15 minutes trying not to erase too much or leave too much. 

We had Princess Kitty to the vet and confirmed that she's a girl, got her microchipped, and got her all her shots.  She was HIV and Feline Leukemia negative which was a relief.  The shots seem to have left her feeling a bit bad.  I hope she's back to herself soon.  She loves to be cuddled and is survivng the boys just fine.  Here I posed her with Blaze beneath the table during homework time.  Considering Blaze was running away a few days ago and Kitty was hissing at every opportunity, this is huge progress.  I don't expect any more issues.

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Here Kitty gets a lesson in Mario.  The boys are playing their Nintendo 3DS games. 

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Today is school picture day.  I swear I don't know why I buy the pics, but I do.  Let's hope the boys smile!

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