Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

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Posting this pretty flower shot today to send a Happy Mother's Day wish to all the mom's out there.  I went to Lowe's yesterday to buy some annual flowers for my flower pots and took some pictures too.  I might spend part of my mother's day planting what I bought home.

I studied the calendar page that John B. did yesterday and decided to create a similar format one myself.  I cheated in this case and used Picasa's Picture Collage feature choosing very wide Gird Spacing as well as Use Image.  The top middle picture is the same as the background.  I have often wished that the Use Image feature would allow me to select any image I wanted vs. one of the collage pictures.  It would also be nice if the Grid Spacing allowed the margins to be different sizes that the spaces between pictures.  Maybe someday Picasa will beef up this part of the picture collage a bit more.  Otherwise it's off to PS or PSE or some other tool.

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Lowe's had orchids too:-)  No blue ones like Home Depot but still a good selection.

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Here are my helpers.  The boys enjoy picking out and planting the flowers.  I like the shot where they've parked themselves at the patio furniture:-)  All that baseball equipment and chairs have the back of my van pretty full too!  I had to work to get the flowers in!

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We're headed to Noah's Landing today.  It's a learning zoo with lots of rescued animals out in the countryside not too far from us.  Moms get in for half price today.  The Wildlife Rescue Center of Sanford will be there today too, and I'm hoping to take some more pics of their birds.  A great birthday present to myself  (yes, it's my birthday today too) would be another awesome hawk or owl shot.

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Major Mom said...

Happy Mother's Day, my dear dear friend! The back of your van with the baseball stuff and chairs is just like the back of our truck!!! I also have to keep a case of water in there in case of emergencies (we often forget to pack Nalgene bottles of water).