Wednesday, May 16, 2012


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I always have hummers each year, and I always put out a feeder for them hanging off the front porch and the back deck.  They come and go all day including amazingly early (6AM) and buzz our heads and duel each other for the all important sugar water.  We enjoy watching them!

This year I decided to try a suction cup feeder on my kitchen sink window glass.  It took a while for them to find it, but now a male and female ruby throated hummingbird are dining frequently.  Between the clouds and more rain yesterday, I tried to capture a picture of him.  He would come to feed every 5-10 minutes, and I'd get about 3-4 shots per visit, make adjustments, and wait for the next visit.  I know it's not tack sharp, but I kindof liked this version showing the windowframe and feeder.

I tried putting a 500 watt halogen light pointed at the feeder but had mixed results.  Of course that changed the  light color being put out.

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Here are a few more versions you might like.

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I'm sure I'll keep trying throughout the summer to get an even better shot.

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