Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Horned Owl

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Another shot from our visit to Noah's Landing on Sunday where the Wildlife Rescue Center of Sanford had their birds.  Their goal of course is to heal and then release back to the wild as many of their birds as possible.  Some of them have permanent eye or wing injuries that make it unsafe for them to be released, so they go on outings to help educate the public and raise awareness.  Did you know that you shouldn't throw your apple core or banana peel out along the side of the road even though it's biodegradable?  The reason is that mice and other critters are attracted to the food smell and then the raptors try to swoop down and grab the mice and can get hit by cars.

We've had 4.5" of rain here since it started on Sunday.  The sky was noisy last night, and I don't think the sun is coming out today either:-(  Looks like the boys' baseball will get cancelled do to the field being too wet.  Bummer.

Here's a picture from September 2009 that I took at Noah's Landing of a horned owl too.  I don't know if it is the same bird or not.

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I took a shot with a similar perspective this year, and those ears are just to cute, but the grass wasn't as green and I just couldn't top this older shot thus my reasoning for posting the closer up from the side view today for my daily.

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