Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hearts in the Sunlight

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Donnie is away this weekend attending a college graduation for his best friend's son, Chris.  A big congrats to Chris and all the other graduates this weekend.  Best of success in the next chapter in your life!

I saw these pretty Redbud leaves at Yates Mill yesterday.  I had 5 minutes in the parking lot to shoot, and the light on these leaves was the most interesting thing I saw.  I was missing Donnie and thinking about the heart shapes and how much I love him.

I sent him off with another nice meal!

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Need a closer look?

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Even the squirrels enjoyed the scraps off the steak!

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In baseball news, Johnny's team lost 19-18 last night.  What an offensive game!  Each of the kids had memorable moments.  Johnny had two hits and scored one run.  We were so proud!

I took a ton of pics in continuous mode of the game which are here.  It was all I could do to get through them last night to have them ready to share with the team this morning.  Photographers don't need sleep, right?  ;-)

Even though it's blurred, this is my favorite picture of Johnny on the night!  Get to first!

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