Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who Holds the Key to Your Heart?

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I  know you all know how I'd answer that question;-)  One last romantic capture from me...for now.  I love how the background turned out.  I can't say that like the lock and key, though.  But, it's the best thing I have from yesterday, so it's what you get today.  Three layers:   Heart and lock on top of Cherished texture from Kim Klassen and a Phlox flower texture picture I took last year.  The Cherished layer is a Color Burn with a pink tint.  The Phlox layer is Soft Light.  Both at 100%.  I wonder if I can shoot the original background minus the lock and key and just create a nice screen print.  I think I'll try!

Coach Don was out with the kids yesterday getting J&J ready for Little League in a few weeks.  Joey's first time with his new, real glove was a success.  We saw noticeable improvement.  Madi is well on her way to making the big plays.  She can throw that ball with some speed!  Johnny lost interest quicker than we wanted, but he's the youngest...he'll come around.

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And a few golden grasses in the late day light...

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That stump is gone!

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I took 3 doses of Tylenol over 18 hours, and the fever seems to be gone.  No clue what caused it.  It wore me out some, and I'm a bit tired, but with the pretty weather yesterday afternoon, it was great to feel good enough to go out with the kids and Donnie and feel the warmth of the sun on my face.  I even threw a few balls myself!

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Major Mom said...

How exciting, the boys in LITTLE LEAGUE! Hooray! The kids can play together when we see each other again. Jacob was "frozen" onto a team and doesn't have to try out this year (the coach has seen him play and has determined he'll be fine). Timmy's tryouts are tomorrow morning.

This is Timmy's first year also -- he's so excited.

But we're also having to get Timmy's eyes checked, at his age 7 checkup a couple weeks ago he wasn't reading the 20/20 vision line very well, so we're scheduled for the eye doc next week. I don't think it's a big sight issue, and I don't think it's impacting how well/poorly he's throwing and catching right now. I think he just needs some practice.