Friday, February 17, 2012

Blazing Sun

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This is a reworked shot from Wednesday.  It was cloudy and rainy here yesterday, and I wasn't feeling well enough to scrounge up a new inside shot.  When Madi's mom, Christine, packed up the Christmas bulbs that were on her outside Japanese Red Maple tree, she left one to bring us joy throughout the year.  This is it.  Originally the shot was more golden:

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I did a fancy B&W conversion which I was about to post:

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But when I saw what the polarize filter did to the shot, I was trapped by the bolder look.

I also worked on a B&W conversion of this picture of  Johnny:

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A little boy bored with baseball and playing Angry Birds on his Aunt Teen's cell phone:-)

The sun is back out today, and I sure hope I can get some new shots that will inspire me.

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