Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wet Web

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I took over 50 shots of this spider web yesterday with both my Canon S3 IS and my Canon SX40 HS, and I failed with both of them to get the crystal clear shot that I wanted:-(  I kindof thought that was the case when I was looking at the LCD, and then on the computer last night I confirmed it.  I'm not sure what I could have done different.  I couldn't get any closer.  I was over a guard rail alongside a road and at the top of an embankment.  Plenty safe but I'm sure those driving past thought I had lost my mind.  I had stopped to get hawk pictures on the other side of the road and was leaving when I looked the other way and saw the gorgeous web.  I adjusted the color and contrast to pretty this up a bit which essentially just made it darker with richer color.

Here's another shot where the bokeh is gorgeous:

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I tried to shoot up to the sky and moved left an moved right hoping for a better focus lock:

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Oh well.  I should let it go. Maybe next time.

I think this bad image is pretty neat:

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I just love how light and the lens interact sometimes.  Taken under a red camellia flower:-)

New cleats, new glove, and new white baseball pants (and red belt you can't see). Johnny is almost ready for Little League:-)  We need to exchange Joey's pants so no pic of him yet.  And I guess I'd better find some tall socks!

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Donnie came for dinner, and I had fun cooking again!  I like to cook for folks with an appetite!  It's cube steak in gravy, salad with bacon, string beans, Bob Evans mashed potatoes, and sweet potato in a butter/sugar mixture.  Oh, and we had sugar cookies for dessert.

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Things don't taste quite right to me right now due to the chemo, but I can cook 'er up anyway!

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