Monday, February 13, 2012

Superman and Superwoman Battling Cancer

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You guys have seen quite a few pictures of Donnie, and you know that he wears his hair pretty short.  When my hair was coming out after chemo, we started joking about taking a picture of us as twins.  I try to be a good sport.  Yesterday was the day.  I know some people would never allow themselves to be seen without their wig, but I'm not some people.  I am what I am.  I appreciate that the wig helps me look more like my usual self, though!  Maybe someone else going through a similar situation will see this picture and be a little stronger to deal with their cancer hair loss after seeing my picture.  There are awesome super men out there like my Donnie who love you no matter what and don't focus on what you look like on any given day but just remember the pretty girl they fell in love with no matter what.  I'm a lucky girl, and Donnie is a good sport.

Off to my third chemo today. Then hopefully only one more to go!

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Major Mom said...

What a beautiful picture! That's so awesome! Good luck with #3 today!