Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Fun

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Yesterday it was all about Valentine's Day in the boys' classrooms, and I was able to go and spend a little bit of time with each of the kids.  Pictured is Johnny in his classroom.  Don't tell anyone, but he has a real crush on Abby middle left;-)  I think she might like him too. They are wearing special 100th day of school hats that they made earlier that morning.  Lower right, most of the kids in Johnny's class are wearing their Valentine's Day heart hats and making silly faces.  I had them take a normal smile picture, and they begged to take a funny face one:-)  Johnny gave out his robot picture cards with a big smile lower left and glued hearts from his classmates on his big heart upper left.  One of them said, "Johnny is as sweet as sugar."  :-)

The activities in Joey's class were equally fun.

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They coordinated an ice cream reward for extra good classroom behavior with their Valentine's Day celebration.  You can see Joey's big bowl middle right.  Joey gave out ring pops with his photo cards, and lower right everyone is having a good time showing off their rings:-)  The kids decorated boxes for their cards, and it was neat to see what each came up with.  Some were more decorated than others.

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I ended up coming down with a fever yesterday afternoon and was feeling pretty poorly when I left the school.  At least I got in the fun time with the kids before crashing for the evening.  I'm a little better this AM but waiting to see if I can fight off this infection on my own or need antibiotics.

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