Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Romance

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With all the beautiful flower captures that Susan at Wilde Life Photography has been posting lately, I just had to go out and buy a bouquet.  I have been eyeing flowers for a week and finally saw a bunch that I really liked.  I had a heart-shaped vase in mind to put them in and a red felt background to set them in front of.

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I didn't have a lot of time to work on pp'ing, so I went with the tight crop and using an out of focus shot for the background/framing.

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, and thinking of the sisterhoodofthebras, I also took this image:

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I may play with the flowers some more if I get a chance.  Meanwhile, they sure look nice on my kitchen table.

Donnie and I went to a stump burning at the Kidd's house (Madi) last night.  Danny has been working to get rid of this sweetgum tree stump for 3 months now and finally decided to light it on fire last night.  The tree died a few years ago and then they had it cut down.  The stump remained and was taking up valuable garden space.  Danny started digging out around it, tried to have it pulled out with a chain/vehicle, and used various other techniques, and it just would not budge.  Kindof reminded me of the book That Stump Must Go!

A great book by the way.  We have a copy.  Here are some pictures of the stump on fire.  It was huge, and the fire was hot underneath it when we left for the night.  I hear this AM that the stump is tipped over.  Woo hoo!  I'll have to get a daytime picture!

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