Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hermit Thrush

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My daily post is a picture of a Hermit Thrush.  I've seen this type of  bird in my yard before during other winters, but in particular, I noticed that this bird showed up 3-4 days ago.  I got lucky tonight, and he/she sat in the food dish for a solid 10 minutes while I prepared dinner.  It was pretty easy to capture some shots although the light was low.  My favorite is the one I posted which unfortunately has good detail but I cropped off the tail.  I'll share this one as my second favorite. The detail is less sharp, but the pose and the whole bird being in the frame are a plus. That whitish line is a fence post way at the back of the yard  that I wish was missing from the shot too!

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I took a really neat shot with a shadow today, and it's all I can do to wait to post it tomorrow for Paula's challenge!

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