Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Cylinder

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Today's daily is a desperation shot.  It was cloudy all day yesterday and Donnie and I watched the movie The Double which we liked and then I was busy doing bills and other paperwork as well as helping the kids with their homework.  I just never saw a photo op until it was late in the evening and I noticed that 3 stackable tealight holders that I bought a few weeks ago at the thrift store looked pretty and decided to take some pics of them lit up by my 'mood' lights.  I rarely have a real light on at night...just various Christmas and party lights.  I didn't even have to move the holders to take the shots:-)  The holders are pink, green, and orange, but you can't really see those colors in the shots.  I did shots from the side as well as looking down into them:

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You know how I like glass and color.  I just couldn't resist.

In regular light:

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Maybe they will appear again as a daily next time actually used as tealight holders:-)

Not sure if I really like the original image on the background image or not.  I really do like the background image, though:

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I decided to go with the Robot/Space Valentine's Day card templates from Wal-Mart for the boys' cards this year.  I printed a test copy and then told them to print more when I saw how cute they were.  Joey said he really liked that Johnny got the robot and he got the spaceship.

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Trying to come up with good daily shots as best as I can during the colder winter months when outside flower and bug shots are hard to come up with and landscape scenes are often lack luster.

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Major Mom said...

I can't wait till my boys' Valentine's Day cards come in -- I ordered them from Hallmark.com. They're star wars where the kids' faces are shopped in as Anakin, Yoda an Ewok and Darth Vader. Hope they look as cute in print as they did on the screen before I hit "order".