Friday, February 10, 2012

Gotta be a Deere!

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As I've cut across town this week from Donnie's house on my way to the boys' school in the afternoon, I've passed this barn and been studying the light and angle that I thought would make for a good shot.  This location just happens to be less than a quarter mile from yesterday's green barn.  I guess this is the week to make stops on that stretch of road.  Anyway, I had a few minutes yesterday afternoon when the light was late and warm, and I stopped to grab these images.  I was a good girl and got out my tripod so my HDR shots would be more sharp.  The green barn HDR was hand held and not as sharp as I wanted.  I'm sure some folks thought I was nuts out there along the fence line with my camera but oh well.  I took shots from the side and rotated around to the front taking more and then zoomed in on the John Deere tractor to take even more.  I ended up liking the tractor shot better than any of the barn shots.  Oh well.  Gotta love a John Deere, right?!?

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We're supposed to actually feel like winter here this weekend.  I'll be staying warm and looking for cozy photo ops!

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