Friday, December 9, 2011

The World in a Globe

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I had a few minutes to spare yesterday morning while waiting to head out shopping for the day with Madi's mom, Christine.  Last week, she decorated the Japanese Maple in her front yard with silver and blue ornament balls, and I'd been studying the light on them for days as I picked up or dropped off Madi from school.  Teen said she'd picked out and put up the blue ones in honor of me for all the years I had blue lights and ornaments on my indoor Christmas tree.  That was very sweet.  At any point, I started firing off shots of the balls from various locations in the garden, and I thought the shot I chose as my POTD and the shot below were pretty neat!

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I also took this neat berry shot at the edge of a neighbor's yard yesterday.  The berries are on a pyracantha shrub.

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Shopping was fun, not too crowded, and we saw Breaking Dawn Part I from the Twilight Saga at the movie theater as well.

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