Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Forest Elf

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I noticed this elf flying through the woods in a vacant lot in Donnie's neighborhood.  I don't have any details on him.  Is he magical?  Did he originate from the imagination of a child?  Is he meant to ward people off?  Or, is he maybe a festive symbol from a party or something.  What do you think?

I fussed with the texture on the facial area a bit and then applied a face brush I got from here.  I also used Color Efex Pro to alter the colors.  I treated myself to that for Christmas.  I waited since last Black Friday for them to discount it again and decided I wasn't letting it pass me by again this year.  I wish I could have gotten the full package and Silver Efex Pro too.  Maybe another year.

Here's the original:

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I didn't take any other pics yesterday.  We're warm but cloudy.

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