Monday, December 5, 2011

Friends and Holiday Traditions

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Madi and her mom Christine were able to hook up with me and the boys yesterday to go to Wal-Mart to see Santa again and then to go to Crabtree Valley Mall.  The main destination there was Build-A-Bear; it's a holiday tradition at this point.  The kids each get a 'bear' and we also put a bear in the Toys for Tots bin.

My POTD is a collage of most of  the shots we took while visiting Santa at Wal-Mart.  When we arrived at the store, Santa was going on break.  That was unexpected.  However, let's just say that everyone at the local Wal-Mart knows me and the kids, and Santa was more than happy to put his suit back on and pose with J&J&M.  Santa had asked yesterday where Madi was, and it didn't seem right to be taking those pictures without her.  So, with a few winks and nods I distracted the kids while Santa got ready.  Besides the joy the kids bring to me, it's always great to see them bring a smile to others too.  Thanks for the pictures Santa and for cutting your lunch a bit short for us.  That felt like Christmas magic at work to me...

The next collage is made up from the pictures we took at Build-A-Bear.  Joey picked out Alvin the Chipmunk.  Johnny got Erik from Happy Feet.  Madi picked out a fennec fox.  We also bought a bear to put in the Toys for Tots bin.  I'd like for the kids to develop not only a joy in receiving gifts but also a joy in giving gifts to others.

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I got this really nice picture of Teen with the kids at the Penny Road Happyland Christmas Lights show on the way home too.

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It's one of those cases, though, where the cell phone did a better job than I know how to do with my real camera.  (Teen, the picture that has Johnny in it that was better didn't get uploaded to FB.)

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A shot of a small ferris wheel.

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Lastly, I don't get in two many pictures, and I usually don't like how I look when I do get in them, but here's a shot of Madi and I taken at her house yesterday.

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No one is happy that it's Monday and time to go back to school.  But, we're in the home stretch now!

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