Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Card Creations

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The kids and I were busy making a few Christmas cards yesterday morning.  This is the front of one of the ones I worked on.  The inside is a secret:-)  I have a pretty large rubber stamp collection considering I never sold Stampin' Up! stuff.  Notice the line of lights on the right is multicolor.  You can use markers to color the stamps different colors instead of just pressing on a single color ink pad.  Blow on the ink with hot breath before pressing on the paper to make sure it's wet enough.  It's a nice effect to add a little extra touch to stamped cards.

Aunt Debbie came to visit and exchange Christmas gifts.  The boys LOVE to see her just like they do Donnie.  Try as she might to talk to me for a few minutes, Johnny in particular just wanted to wrestle.  Here's a shot of Joey giving Aunt Debbie the cards and gifts that he had worked on for her earlier in the day.  Johnny watches.

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This shot shows the only way she could get a break for a minute:

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The following shot is a test shot to see if I could change the shape of the bokeh obtained with my camera by holding a piece of cardstock with a star punched out in the center of it over my lens.  The answer...yes.  Now,   how to apply it to something we'd enjoy seeing...  I probably need the star or other shape to be a tad bigger.

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The North Woods Bean Soup I made last night:

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Johnny ate around the beans and Joey ate around the carrots, but otherwise, it was a successful meal:-)

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