Friday, December 23, 2011

The Elves and Then Some

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It all started 2 years ago when Joey was in first grade in Mrs. Cherry's class.  At Christmas time, she got out Henry her Elf on the Shelf and started Joey's imagination running wild.  Soon after, we ended up with our own Elf on the shelf named Chocolate:

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Santa sent several more elves from the North Pole and mom bought several off eBay and at Hallmark.  Before we knew it, we had quite the menagerie, and each holiday season we add a few more.

Some of you will understand the collection and others of you will think we're nuts:-)

Joey got the idea a few days ago that we should photograph each of our elves and make a slide show.  Yesterday we took some time to walk through the house and get a picture of each of the elves in their current landing location.

Now I really don't want or need to know how many there are.  It's besides the point.  We just enjoy them and are sharing with you today.  Someday Joey and Johnny will have the Elf on the Shelf at their house.  Madi too.

Speaking of Madi...  Santa sent her 2 new elves yesterday.  She went out on her porch last night to find a round cookie style tin with her new friends in it:-)  She called me beaming with excitement.  Ah...the magic of Christmas!

Pictured are Sleepy on the left and Giant on the right.  Joey and I found these guys at Guardian Angel Thrift 2 years ago, and they are my personal favorite elves in the collection.

Our collection:

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Johnny and Joey helped me wrap presents yesterday.  Johnny took this shot of me putting the curling ribbon on one of Donnie's gifts.  I was impressed that it was sharp and had some nice dof!

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Major Mom said...

Of course your daily shot has the elves in front of the SCIENCE BOOKS (yay!).

We don't do the elf tradition. We have many friends who do...

But my snowman collection is building up to your elf collection...and Dave is beginning to get overwhelmed :-)