Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November Doesn't Get Any Nicer Than This!

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I think we hit 75 yesterday.  Gorgeous autumn colors with temps that were nearly too hot.  I guess we're just past peek color now, and boy has it been a show! I'm so lucky to have had some extra time to enjoy it with Donnie this week.  I've been assured that walking is good, and I'm much more comfortable up on my feet moving around than getting stiff in a chair.

After my check-up, which went well and I was told things look normal and I'm healing well, Donnie and I stopped by Aunt Debbie's house.  We've been blessed with some great meals this week from friends like Judy, Christine, and Debbie, and today she sent us home with some wonderful Great Northern Bean Soup.  We got to see the pretty colors in her yard and visit with the cute little boy that she babysits too.

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Afterward, we went to Lake Crabtree County Park.  You might think that we're running out of parks to visit at this point.  Not!  We were greeted to this view entering the park:

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This park is tucked in near the airport, so if you're ever in Raleigh Durham for just a few hours, you've got someplace close-by to check out.

Wow!  And our walk in the woods was equally enjoyable and beautiful!

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What breath taking color!  Donnie and I were having fun learning to identify a few new trees.  We even got to enjoy watching this garden spider wrap up a grasshopper.

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Here's Donnie on the 0.6 mile Old Beech Nature Trail.

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It might be nice to go back and do the 6 mile Lake Trail sometime:-)

I can't say enough good things about Donnie right now and how well he's taking care of me while I'm recovering...  For starters, kind, patient, and helpful all come to mind.

It wasn't until later in the day that we made a last minute stop at a friend's house where I took the picture that I decided to post as my daily.  This structure is some sort of garden shed in the back yard.  It wasn't the plan, but Donnie and I both agreed that that was the most appealing shot of the day to us.

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Major Mom said...

This is precisely where I took the boys when waiting for "grammy and grampy" to fly in to visit us. It was great!