Friday, November 18, 2011

Golden Rays of a Late Fall Day

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As we were driving home from picking up the kids at school yesterday, I asked Donnie to 'turn around' and 'go back' to the little pond we'd just passed.  Being the thoughtful and kind guy that he is and a wonderful photographer's assistant too, of course he did.  The weather cooled down yesterday with some clouds and rain and later in the afternoon the sky began to clear.  And what a clearing it was!  As the sun peeked through the clouds, the autumn tones were lit on fire as the sun cast on them from one direction with darker skies in the background.  I quickly hopped out of the car, well it's more like a slow slide out the door these days but you get the idea, to take pics of the sky opening up in all it's glory before it closed up again.  Donnie hopped out to enjoy the view too.  One minute it was sunny and beautiful, and the next minute it was dark and the wind was biting.  I propped myself up against the only large tree in the area so I could be still enough to take bracketed images, and Donnie came over wrapped his open jacket around me hugging me to block the wind as we waited for the sun to return.  It was a really special moment, and hopefully you enjoy the images I came away with.

Besides my daily, I was really impressed with how the Photomatix HDR pp brought out the details in this shot:

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And, it's really interesting in this shot how the sun is coming across the field and highlighting just the far side of the pond:

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I also had an opportunity to shoot pics of pink sasanqua camellias outside Guardian Angel Thrift today too.  I remember these bushes alongside the old and abandoned McDonald's from previous years.  So pretty!

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