Friday, September 16, 2011

Dancing in the Light

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Let today be the day we say that the weatherman was right:-)  We've cooled down to an almost chilly 59 today after hovering around 90 this past week.  The true feel of fall is here.  It's a bit gusty, and the leaves on the trees have their classic falltime rustle.  The air smells cleaner.  A change is most definitely on the way.

As I took pics in 'the field' yesterday morning, I could already feel a change as the morning glories swayed in the breeze that would push through the cold front.  It took lots of extra 'takes' to try to get each each 'shot'.  

I didn't start out to take more pics of the yellow wildflower growing in the ditch, but when I caught this Buckeye on the flowers, I was hooked on following him trying to get a nice shot.  Besides the one for my daily, I really liked this one too:

I walked away with a few things that I like...

Another solitary morning glory floating high above the tobacco field:

Do you know what this is?  It's the flower of a tobacco plant.  They come in and top off the plants as soon as they flower so that the plants can focus on more leaf production, but if you look closely in the fields, you can find a few flowers.  They were out in the field yesterday picking all the leaves off the tobacco.  Today when I go past I expect to see just the stalks of the plants left sticking up.  It will be a big change to the landscape until they plow them under.  

This is just another shot in the field on the opposite side of the road where the crazy backlight and bokeh keep catching my eye.

I've signed up for another year of Project Feederwatch with Cornell University, and I continue to track the birds at my deck rail feeder.  About a week ago, the doves started to come near dinnertime.  Such beautiful birds/feathers.  Each year I put in a plug for participation in the Project Feederwatch program.  Consider this this year's plug:-)  

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I'm going to miss my walk in the field this AM.  Clouds, sprinkles, and wind just don't make for a good photoshoot.

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Anonymous said...

These are all beauties Maryann. Especially love the dove. What is the Cornell program? Do you send them the photos of the birds you shoot? (with the camera of course!). Ed