Monday, June 29, 2009

This and That Nature

I shot this American Lady butterfly picture in my neighbor's garden yesterday. I really like the bokeh in this picture! Privette bushes behind the cone flower had very reflective leaves which is what created this effect here. This was taken midafternoon. I wish the flower itself was more pristine for my tastes, but I guess I can convince myself that slightly tattered is more 'real' somehow. I have a couple of shots with bees coming and going to the flower while the butterfly is on it, but those are not overall as good as this one.

Note the butterfly's proboscis or tongue-like tube going down into the flower. The butterfly uncoils or unrolls it's proboscis and then uses it to drink nectar from plants or other nutrients. I think side view butterfly pics are better if they do a good job showing the 'tube' in action.

Somehow I managed to go to go to the swamp twice yesterday and scare off the greeen heron both times without getting any pics of him. I am going back this morning. I am so frustrated about that!

I took over 500 pics yesterday 155 of which I passed on to the close friends and family that usually look at what I've taken. Some were of the boys playing baseball and playing water on the back deck with our dog, Buddy. I took dragonfly pics again. You may see one of those tomorrow. I also experimented with glass some more. I always tell folks that they can judge how good my day went by the number of pics taken. I'd say yesterday was a pretty good day!

Yesterday's album is here.

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