Friday, July 3, 2009

More Dragonflies

Hi everyone! This is a Halloween Pennant dragonfly. I shot the macro picture on the right last Saturday. I shot the perched on a stick up high shot on the left yesterday afternoon. I'm trying to learn how to, um, enhance my pics in Photoshop Elements, so I practiced making this collage last night.

You can look at the original pics of these two images here.

On a happy note, in the morning, there was an Indigo Bunting on a tree limb at the swamp yesterday. That's my first personal sighting. And, I even got a decent picture of him...just not quality enough to make it my daily. I was SO excited. A hummingbird took turns with the bunting and a Scarlet Tanager in the same tree. It was so neat.

I also saw a Viceroy Butterfly on a Buttonbush plant and got a few pics of him. The clarity was a bit disappointing, but I was excited.

The bunting and butterfly pic are also at the link above.

I'm off with the boys and riend, Madi to Yates Mill Pond, Lake Wheeler, and probably the mall today. I'm sure I'll be taking pictures:-)

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