Saturday, June 27, 2009

Team USA

IBM sponsored last night's Team USA vs. Team Canada (colllege) baseball game last night at the Durham Bull's stadium. We were lucky enough to get free tickets, t-shirts, and food vouchers ($5 each). Thank you!
We had a great time!!!

We ate philly cheesesteak sandwiches and chicken nuggets kids' meals before going to out seats. We sat in section 213, row v seats 9-12. We were in the shade, and with a gametime temp of 90, that worked out just fine!

To occupy the boys, I took lots of pics, and we ate cotton candy and snowcones while we watched. Yum!
Joey really liked Wool E. Bull, but in the end, it was Johnny who went with me to make friends (and nearly get carried off!).

1 homerun tonight near the end. Team USA won 8-1. We got to the see bull blow smoke out his nose. Cool! We saw AWESOME fireworks. I am so glad we stayed. I think I enjoyed them more than any other show we've seen in the last 5-10 years. First, they were pretty long. Second, they were right in front of us. The kids loved it...even the big bangs.

Joey talked me into a baseball at the gift shop on our way out. Johnny wanted a fancy chip clip?
I hope we'll go again. If nothing else, I need to walk along the canal in the shopping area and snap some more pics!

There are some more great pics and firework video here.

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