Saturday, July 4, 2009

Great Kids

I spent the day yesterday with some wonderful kids... Joey, Johnny, and Madi. Look at those smiles!

We went to Lake Wheeler Park and walked around Simpkins Pond and then played on the playground equipment and fed the ducks. We saw a bunch of butterflies and dragonflies on the trail. Hard to get pics there for some reason, though. The kids were happily running on the trail in front of me stopping to pose for pictures sometimes on request and sometimes their idea. The one time they lined up they got giddy and ended up falling on the ground. Thankfully no one fell in!

Next we were off to Yates Mill Pond where we walked the pond trail and took pics near the mill. The kids' favorite thing here was finding rocks and throwing them into the water on the back swamp area boardwalk. They could have gone on doing that for quite some time I think if I'd let them. I snuck in a few butterfly pics in the parking lot:-)

Next we went to Crabtree Valley Mall. I took the kids to The Lego Store and to Build-A-Bear. You can see by the smiles that they thought that was a great time!

Out at 9, back near 6. A great day! It was a 15 minute pitstop and then off to the Fuquay-Varina fireworks.

All the pics from today including some cool nature shots are here.

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Don Miller said...

Great pictures of the kids! Love the three of them on that log! Just too cute!