Tuesday, June 30, 2009

School's Out!

School's out for summer! Well, almost. Joey finishes up kindergarten today. Our schools are so overcrowded here that he's on a year round calendar which means he is in school for 9 weeks out for 3 in for 9, etc. He gets 4 breaks a year I think, and July and January are the two big ones that get holiday time tagged on to them. It's different, but it works just fine. At any point, congrats to him for a great first year of real school. He was on green every day for behavior, and his report cards were great!

I've been taking pics of him at the bus stop each morning over the past 2 weeks, and this is my favorite. Of course, it was hard to pick a favorite! He is my boy afterall. The light coming through the clump of trees at the bus stop is always very pretty in the morning. There's a dogwood tree, maple tree, and holly tree all growing together there.

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Major Mom said...

Hey! I fell off your e-mail list for the blog posts...was that by design or did something change in the settings? It's okay either way, since I can see them on Facebook now. The last one I got e-mailed to me was the Lovely Orchids. I owe a comprehensive post about our vacation -- I'm picking out "Favorite" pictures from each of our activities for it.