Thursday, July 2, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started!

I'm getting psyched about a 3-day holiday weekend, so here's a little patriotic cheer to get us in the mood. This is sugar on again:-) For some reason, I struggled a bit more this time with getting a good shot. I used 4 different plates and shot over 100 pics. There were several shots I liked, and this is one of them. But none of them struck me as stellar. You can see some of the rest here.

One of the plates was frosted glass, and it made the sugar look like water. One had bubbles in it and magnified a subset of the granules. Another had a nice weave pattern. But, I seem drawn to the circular patterns.

On a swamp note, the farmer has been using water out of the pond nearby to irrigate his corn. We're on 10 days now in the 90s with no rain. As a result, the water level in the swamp is way down. The green heron has not been back, and I'm sure many of the dragonfly nymphs and tadpoles are gone.

I did however see a great blue heron 60' up in a dead tree overlooking the pond yesterday. The distance and light did not make for a winning shot, but I did take a few pics of him which are here.

Yes, that's probably a heron's nest in the tree next to him, but it was not used this year. I kept hoping since it's easy access to take pics of that tree.

The kids and I were playing wiht bubbles last night. Fun for sure but no pics I wanted to write home about;-)Those pics are also in the album linked to just above.

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