Monday, August 20, 2012

LOVE - Missing Donnie

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A candle holder I picked up at the thrift store, Guardian Angel, on Saturday for the sole purpose of trying to photograph it.  The version I posted for my daily is a bit warmer than the original.

I really like this more colorful version better, but I posted the one I thought you guys would like better.  What can I say....  You can see that I made an attempt to fix the lower left of the O.

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Comments and critiques welcome.  I don't feel this is one of my better candle shots.  I tried to manage the overpowering flame on the letters.  I had some shots where the exposure on the letters was better, but I liked the overall composition here with the angel and hint of bokeh at the top also in the shot, so I went with this one even though LOVE was lit up a tad more than I wanted.  My heart burns strong for Donnie, so I guess the glow is really appropriate anyway:-)

All I did yesterday was clean and haul stuff out to the garage for a yard sale or to donate to Guardian Angel. When I say all day, I mean noon until 11PM pretty much solid putting the kids to work too.  They were up and down the stairs at least 30 times a piece, so I took a break long enough to take them for ice cream at Porters.  We haven't been since the beginning of summer, and I thought their efforts warranted the treat.

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