Tuesday, August 21, 2012


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This is one of the things I did today to get the house in ship shape and reorged and ready for a yard sale.  These pics are headed to a wall upstairs.  A few more to frame but I have to go back for more frames and mattes.

There is a huge pile of trash at the street.  It wouldn't all fit in the tall bin.  Little Tikes stuff has been moved up to the driveway.  One bay of the garage is cram packed with books and toys and stuffed animals and a train table and a car toddler bed.  I will be stretched to organize it so folks can see what's there.  I sure hope it doesn't rain Saturday.  The boys will be with their dad; I may have to enlist Madi's help.

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning as I reorg.  Now is a good time for folks to visit as it won't stay like this long.

Not sure when I'll sit much longer than a few minutes.  3 rooms to go.

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