Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gale's Garden

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I took a break from reorging and prepping for the yard sale today and finished spreading mulch at Donnie's house on the garden his sister, Gale, put in for him last year (or the year before).  In the spring Donnie had the garden perfectly weeded but by July it was nearly 2' high with weeds again.  Sigh...  Better to have weeds, though, than to use nasty chemicals.  The wildlife love Donnie's yard because he keeps it natural.  I really need a before picture!  Thankfully the weeds pulled up easy and laying the mulch was a relatively quick task.  Also ready for football season with the flag.  Roll Tide!

This is a 3 shot HDR. I removed a satellite dish pole and got rid of a puddle on the asphalt that was distracting.  Also a slight vignette as it still seemed a smidge over exposed to me.

Now I can go back to taking more butterfly pics:-)  Well, at least after the yard sale Saturday.

Thanks for your support this week as I have less time than usual at the computer and am pushing myself hard to get a lot of things done while Donnie is away.  I like to stay productive and occupied.

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