Friday, July 6, 2012

Wool E. Bull

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Donnie and Wally let me tag along with them to the Durham Bulls baseball game last night at the DBAP (Durham Bulls Athletic Park).  Although the Bulls lost 10-5, the game was interesting, and we had a great time with all the between inning festivities and crowd encouraging music.  They even had fireworks after the game!  Donnie and I tried to get up on the Kiss Cam with no luck but did get up on the big screen dancing to one of the upbeat songs.  Too bad there's no picture of that!  Featured in my daily is the team mascot Wool E. Bull with some kids they picked out of the seats to dress up and follow him on a humorous tour around the field.  The kids LOVE Wool E. Bull!  He gets out there in mini cars and drives like a crazy person around the field too!

A big thanks to the guys for the pink hat which they picked up for me at the last game.  I like!

In the collage is a cell phone picture of the 3 of us (center), a scene from the sumo wrestling (lower right), and the field crew (upper right) dragging the infield and dancing to M. C. Hammer Can't Touch this:-)  I loved that!

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Bye bye fireworks until next year...

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