Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

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While cooking breakfast yesterday, the mother red-bellied woodpecker came up with two of her babies to feed on the suet in my backyard.  The suet is about 15 -20 feed from my kitchen window past the deck rail. Of course I stopped what I was doing, grabbed the camera, and tried to take a few decent pics of them.  It was cute how the babies scooted up and down and around the small sweetgum tree.  Looks close at the upper left picture and you'll see the one baby on the backside of the tree poking his head around for mom's beak full of suet.  Lower right you'll see the baby mouth open below mom.  The female adult red-bellied woodpeckers don't have the red crown coming all the way to their front beak.  There's a break in the red.  The males have a fuller red crown.  I didn't see the father although I am sure he comes to the suet also since I frequently see males feeding too.

Here's Madi with her Martha Washington impersonation:-)

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Donnie and Madi in the pool yesterday.  She begs him to 'throw' her now:-)  We gave her some lessons yesterday on how to push off better like Johnny does and she was getting the hang of propelling herself even farther.

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Me and Donnie poolside.  See, I really do have hair now:-)

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Major Mom said...

OOO...bikini! You go girl! I'm glad you had a great day!