Sunday, July 1, 2012

Star Heat Map

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Just playing around with a picture I took of a flag windwock yesterday.  My yearly use of the Heat Map filter:-)

It was just too hot yesterday.  We hit 102 at my house again.  And it's cranking back up today.  I had to go out in the heat and emergency water some flowers to try to save them...a bit sad seeing them wilted.

A SP of me in my gazing globe.  Too bad I couldn't see the birdhouse on top of my head in the background when I took it!

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Another spiny orb-weaver in my yard this time showing more of the web.  I was going to post this as my daily but didn't want to put a spider in your face two days in a row:-)

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Another yummy dinner.  A beef fillet from Wilkerson Farms with green beans and onions.

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