Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jennifer's Road Trip

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I am very excited to host Jennifer over the next few days. She's not your ordinary girl; she's a class act! Read more about Jennifer and her road trip at The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bras. I know most of you are already aware that I'm a breast cancer survivor having been diagnosed in October 2011, having surgery, and then chemo. But, I'm doing great these days, my hair is growing back, and my life is moving forward. It's easy to understand why participating in Jennifer's Road Trip takes on a very special meaning for me.

I was out and about in my yard and around my house with her yesterday, and a I captured Jennifer in patriotic and romantic moods. She's so fun!  I hope to have more photo shoots with Jennifer and pictures to share over the next few days too. Enjoy her trip with me!

My daily is showing off the pink Cadillac pin that I added as part of the bling or memento that Jennifer will be picking up at each of her stops.  I've always had a thing for Cadillacs and better yet pink ones;-)

Here's a collage showing the other pics I took of Jennifer yesterday and linking you back to the gallery I'll be updating daily during her visit.

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All you flamingo lovers out there, take note!  Here's Jennifer posing with a very special flag from SmugMug friend Carole.  The girls, Ms. Flamingo and Jennifer, were quick friends!

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Jennifer also got to view these beautiful lilies in my front yard.

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Best stop typing and get busy hosting!

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