Monday, June 18, 2012

Meadow Beauty

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Today's daily is a picture of a Maryland (or Virginia) Meadow Beauty.  I usually post a shot or two of this very unique looking flower (check out the center!).  My neighbor has some of this wildflower growing alongside her natural front yard pond.  I liked the light and bokeh and thought this backlit shot was pretty.  Most years I shoot it with the sun highlighting the flower center, so I tried to change things up a bit.

Donnie and I were back at the Kidd Family Pool yesterday for some water volleyball.  We're going to start calling Danny, Madi's dad, the intimidater;-)  Here Danny is getting ready to serve.  We use an 18" - 24" beach ball for the volleyball.  Fun!

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Madi and Salvo were enjoying the game poolside.  Aren't they sweet?

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Had a butterfly stop by my butterfly bush late in the day.  Kindof like the dreamy feel.and pose.

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