Friday, June 22, 2012

Common Buckeye

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I had the opportunity to take a few pics in Donnie's yard yesterday.  His purple and white butterfly bushes are blooming nicely, and I chased several varieties of butterflies and bees.  My daily is a Common Buckeye although it looks far from common to me.  I must confess that I have fixed the butterflies' lower left wing injury in the photo I posted as my daily.  See below for a cropped but unfixed image.

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To make this fix, I saved a copy of the original photo.  I brought up both the copy and original in PSE7.  I did a horizontal flip on the copy and then used the quick select tool to select the corresponding undamaged area on the the wing and copy it to a new layer.  I slid the wing layer over to the original butterfly and fit it into place like a puzzle piece rotating it a bit and stretching it a tad.  I had to clone out a small section of the torn wing with the green background.  I merged the piece layer and the original layer and did a tad more clone work to blend any seams.  

Here's a dragonfly shot from Donnie's yard too.  Love the green body color!

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Two yellow Eastern Tiger Swallowtails were also on the butterfly bushes, but both had torn wings with more damage than I could repair.

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Michael and Hanne said...

Super editing work! Well done!