Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gold Beauty

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I still have goldfinch coming to my feeders:-)  I liked the sharpness and color contrast of this lucky shot through my kitchen window.  Sorry I chopped off his foot a bit.

The yummy meatballs below were made by substituting crushed pork rinds for the bread crumbs.  Yum!

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We saw a rainbow on the way home from Johnny's baseball game:-)  One minute it was there and I snatched this quick picture, and the next minute it was gone.

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Love this gorgeous yellow lily in the Kidd Family Garden with the blue hydrangea providing such a pretty back-drop.

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This butterfly is a red-spotted purple.  Odd name considering he's black with orange spots, but when his wings are open there is a lovely teal color.

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Johnny's team lost their tournament game.  No more Little League until it kicks back up again in August for the fall season.  Johnny did get a hit and get on first and then was forced out at second.  I loved his face when he knew he had a hit and was running to first.

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Michael and Hanne said...

You beat me to bloodspot today!
Nice photos! They should be enlarged to really enjoy them!