Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jeanne's Garden

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I stopped by my neighbor's house yesterday to take a few pictures.  When we were scootering and walking Blaze the other night, I noticed how gorgeous the garden was.  Jeanne's daughter Judy and her partner Mindy put in the garden earlier this spring and are in the process of completing the stone wall.  Before, the yard was mostly grass.  Now...WOW!  Jeanne said to come back any time, and I am sure I'll be back!  My favorite shot is bottom middle in the collage although there are several I really liked. 

Here's a pano of the garden after the sun went in.  Used the lomo filter in Picasa to bring some color back.  Canon utility PhotoStitch used for this pano.

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Joey's Little League Baseball team the Lugnuts played their first and unfortunately last tournament game last night.  The boys were cold on offense the first two innings and when they got fired up in the 4th a win was still possible but they couldn't quite make it.  Below is the team with Coach Anthony giving them a pep talk around the 2nd inning.

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Here's Joey running as fast as he can to get to third.  He walked onto base twice and made it home both times. 

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It was a great season and learning experince and a big thanks to both Donnie for being an assistant coach and to Coach Anthony for working with Joey starting at the very bottom to get him to being a reasonable ball player.  Joey made friends, got good exercise, learned the game, and improved his people skills.  I went and signed him up for fall baseball this morning:-)

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