Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In the Light

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Do you really want to know about the picture today or would you rather just ponder the who, what, when, and where?  :-)

This is me from a few weeks ago at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham from when we were at the Disco Tech.  I knew right away that I wanted to try to pp this shot like this, I just hadn't gotten around to it until last night.  Here's the original:

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Note that I had to remove the camera strap as well as darken and even out background and adjust color, etc.

On June 11th 2009, I posted my first picture to the Daily Photo Community. Where have the 3 years gone?!? I'm happy to now be posting in my 4th year. I do find some days that it is harder to find exciting things to shoot within a 5 miles radius of my house, and I long to take trips to other locations for new material. But I still enjoy posting as much now as I did in the beginning. Mostly I enjoy the fellowship and support of the other great photographers in this community as well as my family and friends as I continue to grow my photographic skills. On my bucket list this year is lightning, more bird shots, and more barns plus capturing all of the smiling faces and memories that I have always loved to catch. Thanks for your support!

It was cloudy and rainy most of the day yesterday.  I did take these shots on a late day walk with our dog Blaze and Johnny and Madi on their scooters.

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To be clear, the kids are laughing at the bottom of the hill.  No one was hurt.  They do this all the time but I'm thinking bike helmets next time...oops.

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