Friday, April 6, 2012

Iris Take Two

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I decided to share another iris shot with you today.  I added a texture using OnOne's PhotoFrame and a museum matte using Picasa 3.  I like the matted version for posting online, but if I were going to print this picture, I'd print the unmatted version.

Donnie and I worked in my yard yesterday to take down some large tree branches.  My DirecTV signal was breaking up since the leaves came out on the trees.  We were also hoping to be able to try to get an upgrade to HD again too.  Donnie used a tree branch saw similar to this one that he got out of my dad's garage, and after using it, we definitely recommend it.   Donnie took down a 30' high and 10" diameter limb with it about 15 minutes.  I gave the man a break and did not take any pics of the work yesterday although now I wish I'd taken at least a few.  Branches all over the driveway, Donnie using the saw, Johnny trying to help drag branches to the back of the yard, and a cleaned up view to name a few.  I really appreciated Donnie's help.

On another topic, we've been getting a lot of thunderstorms lately.  Normally Blaze sleeps on the floor in the boys room, but when storms rumble, she seeks safety in one of their beds.  At 12 it's not easy for her to get in the bed, so she's really motivated on the nights she gets up there.

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