Friday, March 30, 2012

Riverbanks Zoo

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I love going to the NC Zoo in Asheboro, NC, but once a year, if we're able, I like to go to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC instead. Our normal NC Zoo trip is about 2 hours each way, but it's more like a 4 hours each way to the Riverbanks Zoo, so we just can't go more often. The Riverbanks Zoo has several animals and exhibits that the NC Zoo doesn't have and vice versa, so it's a good change of pace for us when we get to go.

I have to say up front that I was disappointed that the zoo did not have very many tulips planted this year in the zoo itself or the attached botanical gardens. I'm sure it's expensive, and I understand, but I was hoping for tulip pictures which I really didn't get.  Last year I got some ones that I was very excited about.

I put together this silly collage of 63 of the best out of 600+ pictures. You can see we were busy for our nearly 7 hour visit! Did I mention it was in the mid 80's while we were there?!? Thankfully most of the zoo has lots of shade!

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I posted what I guess was the cutest shot of the day...the giraffe up close and playing peek-a-boo with me.  Who could resist.  I figure if I go to the zoo I ought to post a zoo animal, right?  I can post a flower tomorrow from the gardens.

I want to let you know about this new climbing structure that they have at the zoo. They call it the Sky-High Safari, and it's a 44-ft. high vertical ropes challenge.  I'd say it lets you feel like a monkey!  Monkeys make it look so easy.  My boys will tell you it's a lot harder! I was so proud of them for making it to the top and back down!  Johnny is ready to go back up the next time.  Joey was trying hard not to think about it:-)

You can see Joey in the green shirt almost in the center of this image.

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Here you can see how the safety harness rope moves around the structure.  Johnny stopped to pose when I called up to him.  And he was up!

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48" is the height requirement so that kids can read up and move the harness rope at the junctions.  Johnny is just over 48".

Here's Joey moving on the 'wooden' planks.

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Here's Johnny on the ropes.  Hard to say if the ropes or the planks were harder.  I think the ropes swayed more.

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Like I said, the zoo animals make it look so much easier!  Watch this cute and loud video of the Howler of our favorite attractions at the Riverbanks Zoo.

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