Monday, March 26, 2012

Posing for a Quick Capture!

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Hopefully you guys can tolerate one more butterfly picture.  I don't think I've ever posted 3 butterfly shots in a row!  I've just been on a mission to capture the best Swallowtail on those Yoshino Cherry blossoms that I could!

Here's the original.  You can see that I fixed his wing and tried to warm up the shot and bring out the colors a bit as well as clean up the noise.  I still don't feel I could quite capture the same beauty as I could have if the sun had been more cooperative.

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We had more cloud, wind, and rain yesterday, so I was pleased for a few minute window to capture more butterfly shots.  The flower petals on the Yoshino Cherry tree are fast falling now:-(

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It's so interesting how the flowers go from white to a pretty pink color as they finish up their springtime glory.

The azaleas in my yard have started to bloom too.  I just might have to turn my attention to chasing butterflies on them now:-)

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I'm back to work today for the first time in quite some weeks.  Was it February?  I have reconstruction surgery in about a month and some time off over the next 3 weeks for the boys' trackout from year round school but otherwise the challenges of the daily grind return.

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