Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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And now for the real Happy St. Patrick's Day!  The kids and I are going to march in the Raleigh St. Patrick's Day parade with Marbles Kids Museum today like we did last year.  It will be a wee bit hotter, but I am sure that we'll have a good time.  The only hard part about marching in the 1 mile parade is actually waiting to start moving after getting in line.  I go armed with snacks and drinks and of course my camera!

Field Day at the kids' school yesterday was a ton of fun, but I was outside from 9AM - 3:30PM and totally wore myself out.  Johnny was out in the morning with his class, and Joey was out in the afternoon with his class.    I was very pleased with the participation of all the kids even in the hot sun and thought that the gym teacher, Ms. Wicker, did a great job designing, setting up, and running the whole event.  I saw some kids getting exercise not to mention us parent volunteers.

Johnny's class:

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Joey's Class:

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The main goal of course was to have fun.  I tried to capture a good shot of each child enjoying the events.  Sometimes the teachers will let Picasa run through a slideshow of the pics for the classes to watch.

Hope you enjoy St. Patrick's Day and a fine 'spring' day as well!

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