Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Pink Beauty!

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I stopped to take pics of a different pink blossomed tree on the way home from the boys' school yesterday afternoon.  Here's an alternate shot with a bee that I liked but which was noisy.  The light was pretty low when I shot these.

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This is a 23 shot pano of Donnie's front yard created by Microsoft ICE.  It cranks for a really long time on my computer but works great.  I chose to manual crop and leave in the empty left corner (which I can fix with time).  It really is a view down, and where the tall sweetgum tree is center there's a small creek that meanders through the yard.  Bluebird box is to the left.  They were starting to nest yesterday:-)

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Joey and I made lasagna last night.  I can't resist but tempt you!  The spinach leaves melt so you barely know they are there.  It is a huge 16X20 (I think) pan with 2lbs. of Jimmy Dean sausage and some eggplant in it too.  The boys ate it right up.  Kids love eating what they make!

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Going to follow-up doctor's appointments today.

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