Tuesday, March 13, 2012

White Season and the Flag

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My daily photo is a Bradford Pear tree shot taken on Saturday on the way to Yates Mill.  I thought the patriotic flag added a nice touch of color to the already cheery scene.    Donnie actually spotted this scene and turned around and suggested the shot.  Everywhere you turn here this week there is a line of white Bradford Pears!  Pretty, but in person, they don't smell very good.

Joey ended up staying home from school yesterday.  While I took the screens off my 3 small ornamental ponds, he and Blaze were close by.  For a while Joey read to her:-)  You may remember that Blaze is afraid of my camera.  It's all I can do to get her to look at me and smile for a picture.  I get all these serious looks which really is not how she usually is.  She's 12 btw.  Joey got the idea to put the sunglasses on her, and of course that was too cute to pass up a photo op on!

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Joey was good enough to go back to school today and so far so good for me.  I'm feeling like I'm coming back around from the last chemo now.  So good that I also got to scrubbing on the back deck yesterday in preparation for eating dinner out there before it gets too hot and buggy.  The glass top table, chairs, and cushions are now ready!  Only problem is is that it will be 80 here the next two days and the bugs and pollen are soon to follow.  Gotta get in that picnic while we can!

The cute kitty pictures are from Sunday's trip to Madi's house to check on the pool progress.  I can't tell Evan and Andrew apart, but the Kidd Family has two black kittens getting friskier and bigger every day and boy are they full of energy.  One of them likes to use the empty pool as a playpen (they are inside kitties).    That's quite the roll in the dirt!  Oops!  The other was enjoying climbing the screen door beside the pool.  Naughty but funny kitty!

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Saturday's dinner...  Donnie says he doesn't mind me taking pictures of him and his meals but he does mind having to wait to eat his food while I take the pictures:-)  I work pretty quick so no real worries.  If I cook it, I often take a picture of it!

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