Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the Tree

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Donnie said you all had him blushing with the comments on his portrait yesterday.  Thank you.

Unfortunately I came down with a fever high enough yesterday to give us both a scare.  Fever when you're having chemo is not a good thing.  Thank goodness for 24-hour pharmacies.  They put me on an antibiotic and told me I could take Tylenol and I'm doing better this morning.

I didn't get to take any new pics yesterday:-(  I did rework this tree picture while Donnie was going to the pharmacy.  I needed something to soothe how I was feeling.  I took this shot of the tree at the Eno River on Monday and had in mind Mirror Mirror on the Tree or something like that.  I wanted to put a picture in the hole were the branch had been but wasn't sure what picture.  Me?  An oasis?  What?  Last night I quickly picked the West Point Mill shot.

I used John Bennett's pp technique on the tree shot to give it a pseudo hdr look.  I wanted to emphasize the lines in the tree.  The highlights, contrast, and shadow sliders are all pushed all the way to the right.  I simply did a select and cut of the hole and then slid in the layer of the mill shot which I then reduced in size and converted to a sepia sortof color.

I don't really think what I did has the pizzazz I was hoping for, but it's what you get for today considering how yesterday went.  Here's a reverse version where the tree is B&W and the mill shot is in full hdr color.

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Here's the original tree shot:

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